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Beli - Exposure Calculator

The Exposure Calculator for your iPhone


Without acually metering the light?

Is your light meter defect?

Does your light meter show irregular values

Ist the scale for aperture and time to short on your light meter to support your needs for your pinhole camera?


That is no problem anymore. Now you can use the Exposure Calculator for the iPhone. It delivers virtually all thinkable valules for ISO, time and aperture for all light situaions you could ever get into.

Start by selecting your light situation out of a list with sample pictures and explanation. Then choose your desired combination for ISO, time and aperture value that matches this light situation for perfect exposure. 

If you want to vary your exposure then you can use the predictor function to see how much a certain setting with brighten or darken your photograph.

ist alles kein Problem mehr.

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A must-have for everybody who does not want to rely on the automatic of his camera.

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