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Data Privacy Policy for Apps


All Apps that I currently publish do not gather any personal data.

All personal data that may be required (eg. automatic login to fotocommunity) is stored locally on your deivce. 

Some of my apps may display ad banners. The providers of those banners may use unique ids for ad tracking which, to my knowledge, cannot be linked with any additional personal data. 

Apps, that provide share functionality to social media such as facebook, may do with your data what these compandies do with your date which is not within my area of influence. 

In accordance with your agreements with your phone system provider, these data may be backed up on your PC/Mac or in a cloud service that you may use for that purpose. 

I, Hermann Klecker, do not have access to this data. 

Social Media

Kleckrica 44

This app enables you to share your images on facebook either in your timeline or groups etc. It does so in conjunciton with your account on facebook. For doing so you log on to facebook with your login credentials that you have received from facebook. Therefore I assume that you are aware of facebook's current terms and conditions and agree to them. For details please refer to facebook. 


This app enables you to access and send data to fotocommunity (e.g. comments, photomails). For doing so you log on to fotocommuntiy with your credentials. Your credentials are therefore stored locally on your phone until you logoff from fotocommunity. As you registered on the website of fotocommunity I assume that your are comfortalbe with their terms and data privacy policy and agree to them. For details please refer to fotocommuntiy. 

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