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Kleckrica 44

Kleckrica 44

THE app for the real 4x4 feeling.


Inspired by taking pictures with my good old Yashica 44, for which films are rare by now, I took the decision to actually realize an old whish of mine, developing a photo filter app.

With this app you take or load pictures in square format, to get the real 4x4 touch.

You enhance it under "Color" adjusting brightness, contrast and staturation. You add monochrome effects by applying several black&white conversion filters, cool or warm tones like sepia. You choose to apply from a number of effects such as grunge, vignetting, blurring, rain droplets, coffee stains or a Hasselblad frame. Then you may add frames like adding the picture to a stamp or polaroid, email plate or smallfilm frame, paper background or just like an old photograph.

Combine them as you like or even add current weather data to them.



Filter: darken, weather

Chalet Ismaning

Filter: vintage look
Effect: dirt, grunge, vingette
Rahmen: carton

Esslingen Burg

Esslingen Castle

Filter: vintage
Effekt: dirt
Rahmen: Email

Sommerbild durch eine lichtdurchflutete Baumkronen in den blauen Himmel


Filter: weather
Rahmen: polaroid



Filter: paper, darken
Effekt: vignette

Spandau mit Pola-Rahmen


Filter and effects same as above
Rahmen: Pola 669



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